Medico-economic support for hospitals

The SASSS (Service d'Analyse des Systèmes et Services de Santé) is a service that aims to analyse annually the workloads of all the services of all Luxembourgish hospitals such as:

• inpatient unites,

• operating room,

• recovery room,

• endoscopic policlinics,

• delivery units,

• ambulatory chemotherapies,

• dialysis.

 The SASSS was established in 2001 at the Luxembourg Institute of Health on the initiative and the request of the “Caisse Nationale de Santé” (CNS). It collaborates with several partners such as the Federation of Luxembourg Hospitals (FHL), the Operational Health Research Team (EROS-Canada) and the hospitals of Luxembourg.


The missions of SASSS are as followed.

Calculation of staffing in hospitals

• Calculation of the provisional allocations for nursing staff of hospitalization units of hospitals (PRN type tools).

• Development of workload measurement tools or methods for the technical medical services of hospitals.

Analysis studies of health systems and services

• Conducting health services analysis studies at the request of “Caisse Nationale de Santé” (CNS), the Ministry of Health and/or hospitals.


• To implement concepts and tools for the development of quality in hospitals.

• To collaborate in the process of evaluating the quality of services offered in health facilities.