A perinatal health surveillance system was created in 1980 in Luxembourg and is called SUSANA (in French, "SUrveillance de la SAnté sur la Naissance"). SUSANA is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, which has entrusted the management to the Luxembourg Institute of Health.  

The 4 maternity hospitals, the liberal midwives and the 2 neonatology services are involved in the collection of data to have an exhaustive record of all births and all hospitalizations in neonatology in a common database, which is unique in Europe.

This health surveillance system is collecting information on:

• mother's health during pregnancy and childbirth,

• the baby's health at birth and in the first few days of life,

• the hospitalization of the newborn if this is the case.

In addition, the actual dataset comprises also information on the father or the partner, which is not usual in the most perinatility registries. 

In the future, we will be able to extend the field of research with other areas such as the childhood health to build a more consistent view of the childhood development and environment.

SUSANA goals

SUSANA, the perinatal health surveillance system, is used to:

• have a holistic view of the health of mothers and babies in Luxembourg,

• identify health risks in order to prevent them,

• monitor the care and quality of care provided to mothers and babies in Luxembourg and improve them if necessary,

• monitor the evolution of the health of mothers and babies over time,

• set up a specific prevention programme adapted to the Luxembourg context.



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