The national Cancer Registry, in French “Registre National du cancer” (RNC), is a systematic, continuous, exhaustive and non-redundant collection of data for each new case of cancer (excluded non melanoma skin cancer). The RNC was implemented and upgraded, according to international standards, recommendations and classifications.

RNC goals

The RNC provides an objective analysis about the evolution of cancer in Luxembourg. It allows health care professionals and public authorities to better assess the quality of health care provided to patients suffering from cancer. Further RNC goal is also to evaluate prevention campaigns and national cancer screening programs (breast and colorectal cancers). In addition, the RNC is an infrastructure dedicated to epidemiological and clinical research in oncology. 

Coverage population

The data collection is not limited to people living in Luxembourg at time of cancer diagnosis, it is extended to people living abroad but diagnosed and/or treated in Luxembourg.

Multi-source system

The RNC is a multi-source system. The main sources of data are the hospitals of Luxembourg and the National Radiotherapy Centre. Complementary sources are medico-administrative databases provided by the “Caisse National de Santé” and the “Contrôle Médical de la Sécurité Sociale”.

Contact details

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