The first nationwide large scale population-based survey, “Observation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors”, entitled ORISCAV-LUX study, has been initiated in 2007-2008 on a representative sample of 1432 subjects, aged 18-69 years. This study has successfully achieved its major objectives in providing, for the first time, information on the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and their determinants among adults. 


The second wave, 8-year follow-up, has actively recruited over 1400 participants, to monitor cardio-metabolic-cognitive and physical health. An extended set of health indicators, new clinical and anthropometric examinations and self-reported information have been incorporated in the data collection. This study was conducted by LIH in collaboration with IBBL for sample storage. This constitutes an highly valuable set of data for public health whether to provide specific data to public stake holder or as public health research projects.