The “Public Health Expertise” (PHE) is the first supplier of public health information in Luxembourg, enabling public authorities to make decisions based on scientific data and to communicate validated data to international institutions. In addition, the PHE provides public health consultancies for national working groups and committees. PHE supplies also medico-economic support for national hospitals (Health services workload measurements; budget estimations…) for the National Health Fund (CNS).

PHE activities

First supplier of public health information in Luxembourg

PHE is focusing on monitoring and evaluating health status of the Luxembourgish population to identify major diseases, risk factors and their evolution over time via the implementation of public health registries (cancer, injuries and perinatal), and large-scale health surveys in the general population (EHES, EHIS and ORISCAV).

Public health registries

• the national cancer registry (RNC),
• the national injury and accident registry (RETRACE),
• the national perinatal registry (SUSANA).

Large-scale surveys

• European Health Interview Survey (EHIS-LUX),
• European Health Examination Survey (EHES-LUX),
• Observation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Survey (ORISCAV-LUX1).
• A 2nd wave of ORISCAV-LUX1 (ORISCAV-LUX2).

Public Health Consultancies

PHE acts as expert for national working groups and committees such as national cancer plan, national rare diseases plan, national cancer institute,  "Commission des Normes (CNO)", scientific and technical committee for the Colorectal cancer screening program,…

Medico-economic support for hospitals (SASSS)

PHE provides medico-economic support for the National Health Fund (CNS) in analysing annually the workloads of all the services of all Luxemburgish hospitals. The analysis service, offered by the PHE, is entitled SASSS (Service d'Analyse des Systèmes et Services de Santé). It is a necessary step for the calculation of annual budgets allocated to hospitals in Luxembourg.